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Your Possible Funding or Services Available To You...


  • ALU LIKE, INC. SUMMER & YEARLY EMPLOYMENT & TRAINING, MARITIME, HANA LIMA SCHOLARSHI**providing assistance for those of hawaiian ancestry whether summer youth employment program or funding for college.  It is best to apply during spring break or inquire on interest during that time to set up an appointment (must apply at the Hilo Office).  Summer employment funds are eagerly applied for by many.  For the North & South Kohala Districts you may need to recruit an employer of interest ie Pharmacies, North & South Kohala Public Llibrary, or inquire with other employers who may be interested in providing employment training and in turn, an employer is provided help for the summer at no cost but training a student. Pending funds available, there may also be assistance in the expense of college books & tuition - inquire whether for summer or year round classes.  Also inquire of their summer school financial assistance for those who are entering 1st - 12th grade, private or public schooling.  Pending on funds, a common minimum of $300 may be provided for your child to attend summer school - inquire early before your school year ends.
  • CollegeBoard providing information of college admissions, college planning, SAT, AP, financial aid.  Kamehameha Schools also require their application process be completed through this service which will be explained to you on the Kamehameha School's financial aid website.  It's referred to as "CSS Profile".  Other colleges may require you to do the same.  There are also information of other scholarships known nationwide which you may want to apply - the list is endless. 
  • THE NATIVE HAWAIIAN HEALTH SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM OF PAPA OLA LOKAHI providing scholarships to those of hawaiian ancestry pursuing careers in designated health professions.  The scholarship recipients receive training to be culturally competent in the delivery of primary health care services to Native Hawaiians as well as disadvantaged and vulnerable populations in under served rural communities in the State of Hawaii.
  • FEDERAL STUDENT AID aka:  FAFSA - submit a free application for Federal Student Aid "Get Help Paying For College"
  • *NA PUA NOEAU - Center for Gifted & Talented Native Hawaiian Children, providing yearly and summer institute programs for children of hawaiian ancestry and their families
  • *UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII UPWARD BOUND - providing yearly and summer institute activities geared towards the skills and motivation necessary to complete a program of secondary education, and enter and succeed in a program of post-secondary education.  (student must be a graduated 8th, 9th or 10th grader to enter into program - highly recommended for those in public school and apply early due to possible wait-list)  In the past they have provided transportation services for those in the North & South Kohala District for their once per month saturday activities as well as summer weekly boarding activities at the UH Campus.
  • GEAR UP HAWAII PROGRAM Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs, is a federal program funded by the U.S. Department of Education whose mission is to significantly increase the number of low-income middle and high school students who are prepared to enter and succeed in college, referred to as "post-secondary education".  Provides services to low-income middle and high school students in public schools throughout the State of Hawaii – those qualifying for the Federal Free or Reduced Price Lunch program (FRPL) and all students attending middle or high schools with 50% of more students qualifying for FRPL.Once in the program, inquire information of applying to the Gear Up Scholarships which may be available.   This program also offers high school students the ability to apply to a 6wk internship with UH Manoa College of Engineering - check their website regularly for other updates.
  • QUEEN LILI'UOKALANI CHILDREN'S CENTER - LILIU'OKALANI TRUST  providing assistance for those orphaned individuals of hawaiian ancestry.  In the past they have provided assistance for school supplies and clothing and may have other programs available to assist in the needs of an orphaned child (without one or more parents due to death)
  • THE QUEEN'S MEDICAL CENTER free health care for people of hawaiian ancestry who are not able to afford medical care. Patients' families who are not from the island of 'Oahu are able to stay at the on-campus housing. The hospital's policy is to treat all patients with emergency and urgent care needs, regardless of the ability to pay.
  • DEPARTMENT OF HAWAIIAN HOME LANDS  providing services to those of hawaiian ancestry. Its mission is to place eligible Hawaiians on 203,500 acres of land. These acres of Hawaii's public lands were dedicated to a homesteading program for native Hawaiians via the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act of 1920. The source of these lands was the 1.8 million acres of crown and government lands ceded to the United States when Hawaii was annexed as a territory in 1898.
  • NATIVE HAWAIIAN LEGAL CORPORATION providing legal services to those of hawaiian ancestry confronting problems facing Native Hawaiians, including the threatened loss of their ancestral lands, the unfulfilled-promises made by state and federal government to hold Hawaiian land in trust for their betterment, and the preservation of their indigenous way of life which include traditional means of resolving disputes.
  • TUTU AND ME TRAVELING PRESCHOOL providing free early childhood program for children ages birth to five and their caregivers.  KAMUELA OFFICE:  (808) 885-1200 - Check to see if they still offer a program service in Kohala at the Kohala Intergenerational Center building located in the Kamehameha Park Complex in rear of the Hisaoka Gymnasium.

*A way of allowing your child to "get used to the idea" of being away from home to transition themselves attending college outer island or to the US mainland.  "...ya gotta break free of the rural small community hold on your child...SMILE"

**A way of allowing your child to gain skills and experience on their personal resume (include club organizations and volunteer work) which may be utilized through College Work Study (CWS) employment which is a grant allowed under the  FAFSA program provided by the Federal Department of Education.  Meaning "the ability to work on or off college campus" should a child need to work to supplement living or college expenses. 

We confirm listed above are legitimate resources as our board members have either received some of these services in the past 30 or more years as individuals or has known friends or family member(s) in our North Kohala Community as well as statewide whom have utilized these services.  Therefore we encourage you to contact and apply for these benefits which may assist you in your individual or family needs. 

If you are aware of other resource services not listed above, please contact us and we will confirm it's validity and whether or not as a Board we can agree to provide the information on our website should it be supportive of our purposes.  We are here to serve the greater good of our North Kohala Community...


"Support Your Child and Encourage Them To Succeed"

We also offer a mentorship program within our organization on a case by case basis.  We believe a mind of a Native Hawaiian of hawaiian ancestry should not be wasted but to nourish to it's full potential of what they may bring to others and their communities before themselves as a whole.



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