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What We Do For Our Kohala Community...

Projects of the Organization


Past Events
Winter 2001 & Spring 2002
*Network information with Representative Dwight Takamine concerns
of 09/11/01 National Tradegy which has affected families in North Kohala;
specifically in the tourism industry.  By invitation of Mr. Takamine, a round
table of Kohala's community leaders and public agencies gathered to discuss 
providing a day of food, entertainment and informational booths.  A way to 
also assist individual families in need due to a recent earthquake disasters
"We Care About You Kohala!  The successful volunteer event was held on a
saturday at the Kamehameha Park grounds at Hisaoka Gymnasium..
*Assist in reviving the Scholarship Program for Kohala High School Students
of Hawaiian ethnicity through the efforts of KHCC and fundraising.
Summer & Fall 2002
Discussion in regards to community groups organizing itself on projects we 
may want to assist in sponsorship.  
County Council Panet Hearings in regards to finalizing the Hawaii County
General Plan.  Theme for North Kohala District  "Keep Kohala, Kohala"
finalized in November, 2008.
Fall 2003  
Research completed and found Hui Mamalahoa Group still in existence.  We
have extended our assistance as may be needed on any future projects.
Spring 2004 - October 2010  
In support of KAKO'O & other Kohala Community groups in preservation and 
conservation issues.
Spring 2004 - Present

Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation represents MKOKI


August 2010 - October 2011

Private Education - 100% funding and organizational support of Kohala
Mission School-Parent School Association.  Provide supplies to operate
the organization, ie:  banners, advertising and general office start up
needs.  Supporting their first educational component project of the
Lego Robotics Program emphasizing skills of math and science.
February 11, 2011 for $975,000 from the State DLNR Legacy Land
Conservation Program which is approximately 70% of its purchase price.  
Grant applications and community matching fundraising efforts to meet
the 30% required for the full purchase price of $3.1 million.  We were
initially approached by The Trust for Public Land-Native Lands
Division in August, 2010 to hold title to Kauhola Point's  27.546 acres
ensuring coastal access is maintained for residents of the North Kohala
Community for sustenance and recreation; to preserve cultural sites
on the property, inclusive of recreational areas and coastal lands in
need of care due to Kauhola Point's coastal erosion.  The property
closed escrow on April 13, 2012.  This special place is located in the
Ahupa'a (land divisionof Halau'a, North Point of the District of North
Kohala.  "Mae'mae ike kai pua oka naupaka i ka poli o ka
hala'ula"  Cleaned by the sea are the blossoms of the naupaka
who  are protected in the bosom of the red hala...'e pule kakou...
News and our Facebook Group Page when public events are
is privately shared by 3 other private land owners.
The legal community pedestrian access will continue to be for
public use "as usual" from the bottom of our property.  We are
currently at work with our neighbors above us on making the
legal south pedestrian access which by county maps is further
up from the current access verbally given permission by 'Iole
to the former landowner's caretakers.  The legal access by
county maps crosses into the private easement of MKOKI
and 3 other private landowners then crosses into our neighbor's
above us leading down to our south (top) fenceline heading
towards "Swimming Pools" bay.  Vehicular access we are
allowing at the bottom of our property but you need a 4x4 
vehicle to enter.  Vehicles are prohibited at the private
easement also known as the private "Horseshoe Gate" as
again easement is shared by 3 other parcel owners and 
should be prohibited out of respect of private property
rights and no trespassing.  PLEASE MALAMA!


Spring 2012
In March, MKOKI filed and approved for trade name
North Kohala Historical Society with State Department
of Commerce & Consumer Affairs.  We have interest in
opening a museum in the District of North Kohala.  Finding 
property in the best locale or partnering this project with other
organizations is a great possibility.
Summer, 2012

Consultant to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA),                                                                                               research information on 5 TMK's in the Ahupua'a of Hawi crossing                                                                                           into Akoni Pule Hwy.  With old & new maps confirm any historic,                                                                                        archaeologic or burial sites in these areas.  This includes an interview                                                                                     with Kupuna Suse Soares to confirm information of Camp 6 in the                                                                                        area.  USDA has taken on the responsibility of providing funds to                                                                                        replace Surety Kohala's water pipeline damaged form the earthquake                                                                                occurring in 2006.  We are honored to assist in this matter noting                                                                                         reciprocal respect is given to inquire information we are able to                                                                                             provide with no hesitation.  We encourage other agencies and                                                                                           private individuals to continue to seek our assistance on matters                                                                                          relating to land and it's history here in the North Kohala District.

*Sponsoring the 1st - 5th grade Kohala Elementary School's                                                                                            Summer Fun program 2012 with healthy snacks.
December, 2012
In December, MKOKI filed and approved for trade name
Ho'ola Halawa with State Department of Commerce &
Consumer Affairs.  We have interest in stewarding a
partnership with other groups of interest.
Ho'ola Halawa will be spearheaded by brothers Trevor &
Hayden Atkins, whom are direct lineal descendants of Alice (Wight)
Atkins, one of the eldest daughters of Dr. James & Jane (Tompkins)
Wight who took up residence in Halawa, naming their family
estate Greenbank.
Present Events
June, 2013
In June, MKOKI filed and approved for trade name
Liquid Aloha Aquatics with State Department of Commerce &
Consumer Affairs.  We have interest in stewarding a project to
provide services to the Hawaii Community in an Aquatics Program
which will be under the guidance of Jeffrey Coakley & his son
and former Swimmer Olympian Daniel Coakley.  Under this
dba program, Liquid Aloha Aquatics is registered under the
US Swimming Program.
October, 2013
Hosted a Meeting open to the public...
Dialogue on developing a Kohala Coastal Marine Resource
Development Plan for Marine Life Restoration at the Kohala
Intergenerational Center-Guest:  Ka'upulehu Marine LIfe Advisory
Committee.  Presenting their proposal for limiting reef fishing in the
Ka'upulehu area for 10 years to grow fish so that the bay can be
sustainably harvested forever.
Current "Ongoing Projects of Discussion:
Looking for leadership skills in an individual to recommission the 
Kohala Jaycees as a nonprofit.  It has been approximately 30+ years
since their initial existence.
Mountain News, page 5 of which we are entertaining thoughts of the
Makahiki Season Traditions.


TBA...'E Pule Kakou....


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