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Networking At Our Kauhola Point Property...

  • Kohala Historic Preservation Group - Confirmation of remedy for cultural historic sites in need of protection at Kauhola Point aka:  "Lighthouse".
  • North Kohala Community Access Group (NKCAG) - As of 05/26/12, Assisting in Facilitating Process For Community Input of Kauhola Point's Agricultural Project with a grant from the Zirinsky Family, donor of The Trust for Public Land.  Full community input is a requested desire of the grantor and we are thereby fullfilling this need.  We are open to hear the community's ideas or concerns in general for the land itself.  Official input will occur on June 23, 2012 and months thereafer - a collaborative effort is a desired goal. We may or may not inquire the need of a professional consultant to gather all information from the input and provide a guideline of the desired future of Kauhola Point set within the purposes for which we are organized as a recognized nonprofit in good standing.  05/26/12 - 06/10/12
  • Malama Kai Foundation - Ocean Warrior Youth Program Saturday, September 29, 2012 issue page 16 of the Kohala Mountain News. Ocean Warriors Program saying "Aloha" to stewardship efforts on Kauhola Point. Unfortunate to see them leave as our last inquiry with  the Ocean Warriors was to continue their program by which we requested their schedule of events planned for the area, assurance they were to be given priority amongst other interested groups in Kohala.  We wish them well as we continue three basic goals of which we keep to mind as we analyze our community input surveys and work with other interested groups of youth programs that have initially inquired interest at Kauhola during the closing of escrow in April, 2012:
  • Cultivate community stewardship utilizing a respectful, empowering approach.
  • Protect and restore ecosystem health and functioning.
  • Identify replicable steps that others can take to catalyze similar projects elsewhere.






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