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Kauhola Point Property


Community_Input_Poster.jpg~Photo Courtesy of Kamaka Wakita 06/23/12

KAUHOLA POINT SURVEY - COMMUNITY INPUT: This survey made available to the Kohala Community to assist TPL & MKOKI in providing a broader community response to "What Is Your Vision For Kauhola Point?" The Trust for Public Land (TPL), located at 1136 Union Mall Ste. 202, Honolulu HI 96813. has completed in gathering information from the survey and is currently in discussion with our Board of Directors and Project Manager to deliver a working budget for the property. An article submitted to Kohala Mountain News, Page 6 on December 29, 2012. It is entitled Kauhola Point Mangement Plan Draft to be shared in Early 2013. We thank you for your patience as we begin discussion and organizing this with TPL. 

UPDATE 10/11/13: Months has passed as we are still awaiting on TPL's Final Draft of the Kauhola Point Management Plan. 

UPDATE 01/28/14: TPL to present Final Draft of the Kauhola Point Management Plan either months of February or March 2014 "Pending Schedule"


Tues., October 15, 2013: Hosted a Public Meeting Dialogue on developing a Kohala Coastal Marine Resource Development Plan for Marine Life Restoration at the Kohala Intergenerational Center Guest: Ka'upulehu Marine Life Advisory Committee Presenting their proposal for limiting reef fishing in the Ka'upulehu area for 10 years to grow fish so that the bay can be sustainably harvested forever. 

Tues., January 21, 2014: Hosted a Private Meeting Dialogue with 34 non government & government individuals for a Kohala Coastal Marine Resource Development Plan for Marine Life Restoration.  Details to be highlighted in a future Kohala Mountain News article.


Some pictures here of native species falling into the ocean off the eroding coastline of Kauhola Point - pics from USCG parcel (2.5-3.0 acres)pahu_o_hikiaupea.jpg















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