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Our Roots and Kuleana....

This organization incorporated on August 2, 2001 under an advanced IRS ruling. Its first project established the trade name and analysis of 20 yrs of information to reorganize the Kohala Hawaiian Civic Club aka: KHCC as a 501(c)(4) organization on August 20, 2001. KHCC's initial chartership with the  Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs  began on April 16, 1966.

There is an underlying interest within our North Kohala District (Kawaihae to Pololu Valley) to "take serious concern" of the changes and roles of our Kohala Community in "Keeping Kohala, Kohala".  Those rooted or born and raised here in Kohala, especially our kupuna (elderly), are very much aware of our ever changing community where rural lands are subject to potential development attempting to change our quiet lifestyle. This change includes non existent organizations, groups or individuals which in the past possessed a strong history of advocacy for our community in need of being revived for support. Our organization is able to promote and in some instances provide services in these areas of concerns.  Whether in providing public testimonies, consultation or "take on a case" on a legal level, we move and operate in the direction of our purposes.

Meaning of our corporate name "Good or Fine Wind of Kohala", is provided by respected and revered kupuna Marie Solomon a former Board of Director with our organization up until her passing.  Note that with every project we involve ourselves in, her memory and the memory of her husband Robert "Sonny" Solomon, together with their love of Kohala, is relived in all of our projects.

With the assistance of our officers and directors, we continue to perpetuate the tradition and customs of Hawaiian citizens and those of Hawaiian ancestry who have a fond aloha of "Our Kohala".

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